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  The ads you see at the bottom of this page are all from members who are all receiving
$3.00 payments and having their ads shown on numbers of other members pages. The page owner has their ad shown on top (Ad Holder 1). Their sponsor's ad is shown directly below their's (Ad Holder 2). Then the next sponsor's ad is shown and so on.


To get your own page all you need to do is spend a one time only small fee of $3.00 to each Ad Holder on this page and then an Admin Fee of $2.00. You will then receive your own page with your advertisement on top and your sponsor's below yours. You will also recieve an unlimited amount of $3.00 payments directly to your Alertpay account from every person who becomes an Ad Holder through your page and an additional $3.00 from everyone who becomes an Ad Holder through their page and from everyone who becomes an Ad Holder through their page and so on 5 levels deep. In addition to your page you will have a members section to edit and change your ad as many times as you want.

Our software creates your page automatically after completion of
payment so you can start receiving instant payments right away.



This is an incredibly inexpensive, fast, and easy way to make a huge amount of extra cash and receive massive exposure all on auto pilot!

If there were only 10 people who became an Ad Holder through your page and each of them got 10 people and each of them got 10 people and so on, not only would you make $300,000, but you would have your ad shown on over 100,000 websites. Now imagine what just a few more people would do to your earnings.



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Credit Card Payments
To make sure as many people as possible can take advantage of this instant payments system we now offer the option to pay with credit card through Alertpay if you have insufficient funds to pay Ad Holders from your Alertpay balance. All you need to do is fill out the request form by clicking on the Alertpay button below and we will send details to make the payment to your email address.

NOTE: It’s not possible to join IM Profit System without a sponsor so If there are no ads from Ad Holders on this page you need to scroll all the way down and click on the link that says "Click Here To Go To A Randomly Picked Member's URL" first. You will be redirected to a randomly selected Ad Holder's page.

Only for credit card payment through Alertpay
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To create your own page and start receiving instant $3 payments just click the Alertpay button below the first Ad Holder’s ad to pay that Ad Holder $3. After you have paid the first Ad Holder you will be redirected back to this page and the first Ad Holder will show as PAID. You can now pay the second Ad Holder. Pay all the Ad Holders you see on this page $3 each. If you see an empty spot that says “NO ADS HERE - No Ad Here Yet - ! Save $3!” this means you just saved $3 because you only pay when you see an Ad Holder in that spot.

After you have paid the last Ad Holder you will be redirected back to this page again to pay the admin fee of $2. When that payment is completed you will be redirected to the registration form to fill out your details.

Your own page with your ad on top will be created instantly and you also have instant access to your back office to make changes to your ad (or your details) and to view your downline. All payments will go directly to your Alertpay account so make sure your Alertpay e-mail address in your back office is correct!

On your brand new page you will be Ad Holder 1 and your sponsor (the one that shows as Ad Holder 1 on this page) will be Ad Holder 2 and his sponsor will be Ad Holder 3 and so on all the way down to Ad Holder 5. This means you get paid $3 every time one of your referrals get paid $3 because you’re an Ad Holder on that page but you also get paid $3 from referrals of your referrals and referrals of those referrals, all the way down 5 levels deep. This means you can have a gigantic downline that keeps growing on auto pilot. Now just imagine how many $3 payments that will be. That’s why it’s the fastest, easiest and most inexpensive way to instantly fill your bank account.

This sytem works for everybody because it’s affordable and you don’t have to wait on your money plus you’ll get massive exposure for any program you want to promote so a lot of people are joining helping each other earn money online. Don’t get left behind. Sign up today to create a new source of extra income paying instantly and directly to your Alertpay account.


Our Guarantee: Our Software places your URL into a rotator database which shows a random
members URL. The company advertises your URL until you have at least 5 PAID signups.

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